editors taste-test the latest in healthy eats

Of course, fresh veggies are ideal for getting your nutrients, but some nights, I just don't have time for a supermarket produce run. Enter Four Tines: These frozen veggie dishes taste way gourmet—these are not your typical peas-and-carrots combos!—and are a cinch to eat when you're in a pinch.

The product: Four Tines frozen vegetable dishes (about $6 per box; available nationwide at Whole Foods Markets)

The taste factor: When I think of microwavable veggies, I picture limp and flavorless—the exact opposite of Four Tines. Not only do these veggies taste just as fresh as they look on the box, but they're also peppered with spices like basil, coriander, and garlic to enhance the flavor even more. Plus, with eight varieties, including Eggplant Pesto Rolls, Spanakopita Timbales With Mushrooms, and Vegetable Tagine, there's something for everyone.

The health factor: If you're looking for a simple (and enjoyable) way to score more servings of veggies, this is a really easy way to do so; all of the frozen dishes have at least 2 cups. The other ingredients are simple, too—everything is easy to pronounce, and free of preservatives and trans fats. Ideally the dishes would have a little brown rice or pasta to make 'em a complete, filling lunch or dinner, but at 100 to 200 calories, you can use them as a light complement to your main event.

Editor's Pick The Brazilian Stuffed Bell Pepper is filled with a low-fat goat cheese. Delish! (And only 120 calories.)

Why we love it: You get just about half of your veggie servings for the day in a tasty, effortless way.