Some people think the four seasons look like this: winter, spring, summer,! Whether you’re a die-hard pigskin fan outfitted in your favorite jersey, who never misses a game, or someone who simply enjoys cheering on the home team with friends, everyone comes together when it’s time to eat.

Having people over to watch the game? Joining a group on a road-trip to a rival stadium and need to bring something? Dips are often a quick and simple way to please a crowd, but leave the loaded potato, bacon-topped, mayo-drenched varieties to the players or you’ll end up looking like you could suit up for the team, too!

Indulge in dips without all the guilt with these five recipes courtesy of food-blogger-recipes warehouse a.k.a. Pinterest. (Just be sure the crudités are healthy too, because too many greasy potato chips can be a major dieting fumble!)

Avocado Hummus
Take boring old hummus to another level by simply adding avocado, lime, olive oil, salt, and cayenne. You’ll pump up the heart-healthy elements and still retain the filling fiber qualities of the white beans.

Credit: via Carri on Pinterest Hot Spinach and Artichoke DipThe creamy, cheesy, unhealthy dip you see on nearly every chain restaurant’s menu, got a skinny makeover with this recipe. The fat is cut substantially by using Greek yogurt mixed with mayo and part-skim cheese.
Credit: via KB on Pinterest Herbed Cottage Cheese SpreadThis recipe comes from the menu of a French restaurant in the D.C. area, where it’s severed with crusty bread, but dipping celery, carrots, red peppers, or aforementioned crusty bread sounds pretty darn delicious too.
Credit: via melaniexeinalem on Pinterest Cowboy CaviarDon’t let the name fool you—there are no fish eggs in this dip. Try a blue corn tortilla chip with this southwestern mix of chopped up goodness like corn, tomatoes, beans, and cilantro.
Credit: via Barbara on Pinterest Better-for-You Cheesecake DipThe word cheesecake and healthy don’t typically go together, but this dip is one you don’t have to feel so bad about enjoying. It’s still considered a “treat,” but, hey, if your team scores a touchdown, that’s cause for celebration.
Credit: via Cynde on Pinterest