Tina Haupert
September 19, 2012

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I can't believe it's already mid-September! It seems like I was just barbecuing and celebrating the 4th of July. The summer months passed way too quickly for me, so I missed out on a number of my favorite warm weather activities, including enjoying ice cream at my favorite shop, playing mini golf, and even picking out fresh produce from my local farmers' market. Thankfully, summer doesn't technically end until Friday, September 21, so I still have a little time left to do these things.

The fall will likely whiz by too, but I don't want to have a single regret about missing autumn activities, so I created a Fall Bucket List to keep me healthy, happy, and ensure that I fully enjoy everything the season has to offer.

Try a new fall recipe
I missed the opportunity to visit my local farmer's market this summer, but I don't want to let the same thing happen this season. Even though the weather is cooler, there are still lots of interesting and nutritious produce available at farmer's market, so some new fall recipes will definitely inspire me to expand my palate.

Go apple picking
My favorite thing about fall in New England (where I live!) is visiting a nearby orchard, picking, and eating crisp, juicy apples fresh off the tree. A medium apple provides 4 grams of soluble fiber for less than 100 calories, so it makes a filling and sweet snack. Apples even have anti-aging perks, so they're a welcomed addition to my fall eats!

Run a fall road race
The coming weeks are packed with autumn-themed road races, so to keep myself motivated with my running routine, I registered for a couple of fall races. If you're thinking about registering for one too, find a training plan (Couch to 5K is a good option) to build up your endurance and keep you on track with your workouts, so you’ll stay motivated all season long and rock your race when the big day arrives!

Carve pumpkins and roast their seeds
One of my favorite memories from my childhood is carving pumpkins with my family—getting elbow-deep in slimy, orange guts and then designing my Jack-O'Lantern masterpiece. And I loved roasting and eating the pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrients, so I love to add them to my diet. Here are some ideas for what to do with pumpkin seeds!

Go for a nature walk and enjoy its beauty
I want to fully embrace the sights and sounds of the season (brightly-colored foliage, the sounds of crunching leaves underfoot, and smell of crisp, cool air), so what better way to enjoy them than with a nature walk? I love to take afternoon walks with my dog, so I plan to walk with him through the wooded paths near our house to enjoy nature and its beauty—plus walking my dog is good for me too!

What's on your Fall Bucket List? 

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