We taste-tested the new black-bun Burger King Halloween Whopper, which has made its way to locations across America.

Credit: Courtesy of TODAY.com/Alessandra Bulow

I'm a burger purist. You know, one of those annoying people who hasn't had a fast food burger in 10 years, won't order a burger unless I know the name of the butcher who created the meat blend, and skips the toppings except for a tiny smear of Heinz ketchup (I'm a ketchup purist too). All that changed today when I taste-tested Burger King's Halloween Whopper for TODAY Food.

From September 28 through Halloween Day, the burger giant is offering its popular patty sandwich inside a pitch-black bun that's flavored with A.1. sauce and sprinkled with white sesame seeds. The burger comes loaded with the usual Whopper fixings (melted American cheese, pickles, white onion, tomato and mayonnaise) but this one also has a dash of A.1. sauce—something I don't think I've tried in over 20 years.

The verdict: it's kinda, sorta...well...okay, really good.

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