Jonny Valiant

You might think healthy eating is boring, and it can be if you stick to raw veggies and plain chicken breast. But if you're willing to think outside the box and experiment with different flavors—I'm talking various spices, condiments, and fresh herbs—you can really boost the flavor of your favorite healthy dishes. Here are eight flavors I'm loving right now. They're guaranteed to add some excitement to your next meal without adding a lot of calories or fat!

Fresh basil is my new favorite herb. It's such an easy way to gain some serious flavor in my meals. I love adding it to sandwiches and using it to make homemade pesto—there’s nothing better!

Garlic powder
I'm always looking for low-calorie ways to boost the flavor in my diet, so I’ve started to keep a variety of spices by my stove. The one I find myself reaching for most frequently is garlic powder. I add a few shakes to roasted veggies, eggs, and meats for an instant boost.

Ground ginger
Like garlic powder, ground ginger is a spice I use frequently. I love adding it to sautéed greens and roasted broccoli or sprinkling it in a Gingerbread Smoothie.

Grainy mustard
I recently discovered grainy mustard—it’s so much better than the yellow stuff! It packs a serious punch and a little goes a long way. I spread it on sandwiches, dip veggies into it, and mix it into salads.

One way I get healthy fats into my diet is by adding avocado in various ways to my meals—as a spread on sandwiches, a substitute for mayo in tuna or chicken salad, or sliced alongside a main dish. It’s so versatile. Additionally, a perfectly ripe avocado always leaves me satisfied after a meal.

When I get bored with eating the same old meals over and over again, I spice things up with curry. Even just a tiny amount of curry adds a huge zing of flavor for practically zero calories. It instantly amplifies a regular tuna or chicken salad sandwich!

Truffle oil and coconut oil
I cook a lot of my meals at home, so I like to switch up the oils I use to keep my taste buds guessing. Usually, my go-to oil is extra virgin olive oil, but recently, I've started using truffle and coconut oil. Truffle oil adds a subtle mushroom flavor while the coconut oil adds a hint of sweetness to my dishes. I love tossing veggies in truffle oil before I roast them and swapping coconut for canola oil or butter in my baking.