Want to make more healthy meals at home? Cozi can help simplify dinnertime.

By Beth Lipton
Updated September 08, 2016
Credit: Getty Images/Cozi

If meal planning, grocery shopping, and making dinner night after night add up to tons of stress for you, you’re not alone. We’ve all heard “What’s for dinner?” and wanted to just order takeout and be done with it.

The free app Cozi (owned by Health's parent company, Time Inc.) takes the hassle out of the whole process. No more finding delicious healthy recipes, and then losing the links. No more forgetting to add items to your shopping list—or worse, not making a list, going to the store, and forgetting to buy a bunch of things you need. Essentially, no more getting home at dinnertime and scrambling.

Cozi lets you save recipes from your favorite sites in one place. Then you can drag and drop recipes to the week ahead, and even assign a recipe to each day. (Say goodbye to getting stumped by the “What’s for dinner?” question.) Easily transfer the ingredients from those recipes to a grocery list, so you always get home from the store fully stocked.

Cozi even makes cooking simpler: Call up the recipe you want to make, and the app keeps your screen lit—which means you won’t have to keep touching your phone with goopy fingers.

Basically this app takes the pain and suffering out of making healthy meals at home. (It can also help families manage to-do lists and everyone's crazy schedules.) The only question left is what are you going to make first? We’re liking the look of this Crispy Farro and Shrimp Stir-Fry ....