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Trying to find the best smoothie blender? These top-rated appliances are perfect for any budget.

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If you tend to frequent your neighborhood smoothie and juice joint often, it might be time to invest in a smoothie blender. Sure, you can mix a mean smoothie with these appliances, but it might surprise you to learn that you can also use them to whip up delicious homemade soups, nut butters, pancake batter, hummus and dips, salad dressings, sauces, and desserts.

But choosing the right smoothie blender can be tough; the latest models have a slew of impressive features, making it difficult to determine which ones you actually need. Plus, we understand that not everyone is willing to fork over hundreds of dollars on a single kitchen gadget. Below, we've done the research for you: With a little help from a few of our favorite nutritionists and food bloggers, we rounded up the top 10 smoothie blenders on the market for any budget. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting this nifty appliance to a friend, you can't go wrong with any of these powerful little blenders.

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