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On the hunt for the best air fryer? These are the models you should consider.

By Kathleen Felton
December 04, 2018

Step aside, Instant Pot: The latest *it* gadget everyone wants in their kitchen? The air fryer. And this is one device that can completely transform your healthy cooking game.

"Air-frying saves calories because rather than submerging foods in oil, the machine produces a crisp, crunchy texture by circulating hot air that contains fine oil droplets," Health contributing nutrition editor Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, told us in a previous interview.

In other words, these devices can deliver that fried texture you're craving without drenching your food in tons of oil—saving calories and fat. Fitness guru Tracy Anderson even told us it's one of her go-to cooking essentials.

Although French fries are an obvious choice, you can use your air fryer to make a variety of meals, from meatballs to chicken to falafal. (Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite air fryer recipes.)

Below, the top-rated air fryers you can get at retailers like Walmart and Amazon—including some affordable models that start at just $45.

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