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For the pal who always pays extra for guac

By Jiselle Basile, Extra Crispy
September 11, 2017

You need a birthday or holiday gift for an avocado-loving friend, but you really don’t want to drop $150 on a 6-foot Hass Avocado Tree. That’s fair, so we’ve pulled together a list of gifts for avocado lovers that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. These brilliant budget-friendly gifts range from an avocado mirror to avocado earrings that pay homage to your favorite toast. Think of the feeling you get when cracking open a perfectly green and ripe avocado—that’s exactly how your buddy will feel when opening your hand-picked avocado gift.


Your friend is obsessed with avocados (and you might be, too). That’s no surprise when looking at the fruit’s social media popularity. Avocados rule Instagram and rank as the most pinned food on Pinterest—for a darn good reason. Also known as the earth’s natural butter, avocado is a miracle food. Regardless of whatever dietary restrictions you might have, the humble avocado has your back. The nutrient-dense fruit is high in fiber, low in sugar, boosts heart health with “good” fats, helps regulate blood sugar, and keeps you full longer. Seriously, what’s not to love? 


Now that you truly understand how easy it is to develop an avocado infatuation, feed your friend’s obsession, or yours, for little to nothing.

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