Forget deep-fried onion rings: This baked version from Hungry Girl is a whole lot healthier thanks to a mix of high-fiber bran cereal and panko breadcrumbs.

By Lisa Lillien, PEOPLE Great Ideas
Updated January 08, 2015
Credit: Courtesy Hungry Girl

I had you at onion rings, right? Sure, just about anything tastes amazing when you deep-fry it, but onion rings have that sweet-meets-savory flavor that makes them extra-tempting. Sadly, even virtuous foods like veggies turn into fatty disasters when you fry them. Calorie counts for restaurant onion rings vary, but none of these should be part of your regular rotation: A large portion at Burger King contains 500 calories and 25g fat, and a side order at Red Robin has a whopping 855 calories and 46g fat.

I’ve been making baked onion rings at home using crushed high-fiber bran cereal for more than a decade. Today, for restaurant-style texture and flavorful crunch, I’m adding panko breadcrumbs to the mix, and serving these tasty morsels with a zesty Sriracha dipping sauce. Dig into a decadent snack that’ll help you keep your New Year’s resolution to skip fast food.

‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

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This article originally appeared on PEOPLE Great Ideas.