Any way you slice it, these clever shortcuts will change the way you look at America's favorite food.
Credit: Jennifer Lee

Any way you slice it, these clever shortcuts will change the way you look at America’s favorite food.

Bake pizza cupcakes

Here's why we dig Jennifer Lee of Kirbie's Cravings: Not only did she make pizza cupcakes, she hacked her own hack. "When I finished baking them, they tasted good but didn't look so pretty. So I got the idea to top them with more cheese and pepperoni for a finished appearance, like adding streusel to a muffin or frosting to a cupcake," she writes.

Improvise a pizza bagel


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College students, office workers, museum visitors—who among us hasn't found ourselves in a ho-hum cafeteria with an unimpressive array of lunch options? The site Surviving College has the following solution: Combine sauce (from the pasta station), shredded mozzarella (from the salad bar) and a bagel for an impromptu pizza. Of course, you'll have to cook it in a microwave unless you can find a sympathetic cook to toss it under the broiler.

Make it in a mason jar


Jasmin Fine

For the gazillions of Pinterest users obsessed with mason jars, Jasmin Fine of 1 Fine Cookie has created this ingenious technique for making pizza inside one of these glass vessels. Got little ones? Add these to your "to make" list for their next birthday party. Everything is more fun when it comes in a personalized serving. Plus, there's "no sharing required, which in my experience, is a kid's top priority," she writes.

Blow-dry your slice


Douglas E. Justice, Jr.

Our litmus test for a great hack? Something that makes you slap your forehead and wonder, "Where has this tip been all my life?" That’s exactly how we felt when we read this next idea from Florida-based restaurant Stromboli Pizza. If you find yourself with leftover pizza in a hotel room, the owners suggest blasting your slice with a hair dryer to reheat it quickly.

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