8 Nutty Snacks Under 80 Calories

Nuts are already a super snack. Here's how to kick them up a notch.

58 calories

Two-tablespoon scoop of Talenti Sicilian pistachio gelato in a mini wafer cone.

Double up! Whole nuts plus pistachio butter equals really rich gelato.

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Pesto-shrimp bites

Travis Rathbone

Two bites = 61 calories

Two cucumber slices, each topped with 1 half-teaspoon prepared pesto sauce, 1 half-teaspoon pine nuts and one cooked shrimp.

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François Payard Dark Chocolate Mendiant

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56 calories each

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Tropical trail mix

Travis Rathbone

Two tablespoons = 74 calories

1.5 teaspoons chopped macadamia nuts, half a slice of dried mango (cut up), one slice dried papaya (cut up), one teaspoon shredded coconut and one-quarter teaspoon ground chile.

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True North Chocolate Nut Crunch

Travis Rathbone

Two pieces = 64 calories

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Cashewberry cracker

Travis Rathbone

77 calories

One multigrain flaxseed cracker with 1 teaspoon cashew butter and one sliced strawberry.

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Wasabi peanuts

Travis Rathbone

11 peanuts = 77 calories

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Ferrara Torrone Almond Honey Nougat candy

Travis Rathbone

56 calories each

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