Just in time for the holiday weekend: six sangria recipes that go beyond the usual red and white.

By PEOPLE Great Ideas
July 02, 2014
Becky Luigart-Stayner/MyRecipes.com

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  • You likely have your go-to recipes for red wine sangria, white wine sangria and maybe even a rosé sangria — but what about the rest of your bar cart?

    You can stir up different sangrias using just about any spirit you have around — gin, bourbon, vodka, tequila, beer and, yes, and even a delicious booze-free versions. They’re still light, refreshing and add the perfect punch to any summer gathering.


    Champagne Sangria

    Sparkling sangria takes your summer happy hour to a whole new level. This bubbly cocktail, originally from MyRecipes.com, gets its sunset hue from apricot nectar. Add a sprig of fresh mint before serving to get the full effect.

    Get the Recipe: Sparkling Sangria


    Tequila Sangria

    Courtesy John Terzian/SHOREbar

    Margaritas are delicious, but tequila is a much more versatile spirit than we give it credit for. This refreshing sangria combines tequila, white wine, and a splash of Cointreau along with the requisite berries and citrus slices.

    Get the Recipe: Tequila Sangria


    Vodka Sangria

    Courtesy John Terzian/SHOREbar

    The key to making this tropical sangria is using coconut vodka. Combined with the pineapple juice, the coconut flavor will instantly make you feel like you’re on the beach. If you want to cut the calories, John Terzian, the owner of SHOREbar in Los Angeles, recommends using seltzer or sparkling water in place of the simple syrup.

    Get the Recipe: Coconut Vodka Sangria


    Beer Sangria

    Courtesy Pinterest via TheBeeroness.com

    Choose your favorite summer ale (preferably one with hints of stone fruits) to mix up this beer-based sangria. The combination of a lighter beer with both peaches and peach nectar makes for a perfectly refreshing summer sipper. We can imagine enjoying this on the patio tonight. For an extra garnish, add a few basil leaves.

    Get the Recipe: Beer Sangria

    Gin Sangria

    Courtesy Pinterest via Waitrose.com

    Not only does this light sangria feature gin, it also calls for elderflower cordial for a refreshingly floral flavor. Make those apple slices a bit more potent by soaking them in the wine or elderflower cordial for about an hour before combining the rest of the ingredients.

    Get the Recipe: Gin Sangria


    Bourbon Sangria

    Courtesy Pinterest via ClimbingGrierMountain.com

    This combo of pomegranate juice, pineapple slices, and bourbon is delightfully out of the ordinary. Adding a splash of champagne lightens up the rich flavors and gives it a little sparkle. We’ll be mixing up a pitcher of this recipe, stat.

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