Football preseason is upon us, and — sports fan or not — here's one reason to care: this photo.
Credit: Michael Mina

Football preseason is upon us, and — sports fan or not — here’s one reason to care: this photo.

‘Who? What? Where?’ is probably coming out of your mouth in sputters, so we’ll do our best to answer.


It’s a duo of Wagyu beef hot dogs wrapped in bacon and topped with guacamole and pork rinds, served at Bourbon Steak & Pub on the ground level of the new San Francisco 49ers stadium at all home games this season, created by Bourbon chef Michael Mina and a culinary team not afraid of a little cholesterol.

Any questions of Why? are trickier to answer, but when it’s football season, you don’t question double-barrel hot dogs.

If you’re eyeing this up and feeling a little down that you won’t be in San Francisco this year, never fear. Here’s a look at 4 other over-the-top stadium foods that may be more convenient to try:


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Oink oink! The Three Little Pigs nachos at Soldier Field, home to the Chicago Bears, are made with pork rinds instead of chips and coated in a pepper jack cheese sauce. On top: the other two pigs (pulled pork and bacon bits), plus jalapeño for good measure. Order a tray at Aramark nacho stations in sections 110 and 440.
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Primanti Brothers sandwich shop is a Pittsburgh tradition, so of course you can find one at Heinz Field, where the Steelers play. The signature sandwich is piled with meat (usually salami, turkey or roast beef), then stacked even higher with French fries and slaw.


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Paesano’s — a South Philadelphia favorite with a location at Lincoln Financial Field — serves Eagles fans the hoagie to trump all hoagies: beef brisket, horseradish mayo, Provolone cheese and an oozy fried egg. It’s pretty much impossible to eat this one without spilling on your jersey, but it’s worth it.


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We’ve seen bacon on top of apple pie, so why not bacon in an apple pie milkshake? This beauty is from chef Michael Symon, who runs restaurant The B Spot at Browns Stadium in Cleveland. Warning: Since the restaurant’s on the club level, you may need to shell out some serious cash on tickets to slurp this shake. We recommend making wealthy friends.
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