Are you bored with your same old, go-to meals? The solution might be as simple as sprucing up your Instagram feed.

Did you overdo it at happy hour? Are you bored with your same old, go-to meals? It sounds like you might need some healthy eating inspiration in your life. And the solution might be as simple as sprucing up your Instagram feed. Follow these 5 Instagram accounts for some seriously nutritious and delicious meal ideas to inspire your own healthy eating!

Cait Elf, @CaitsPlate

A graduate student on her way to becoming a registered dietitian, Cait shares many of her daily meals and snacks, all of which are bright and colorful as well as nutritious. Sounds like the perfect combo for healthy eating inspiration, right? Cait's breakfast photos, in particular, always inspire me to start my day off on the right foot.

Ashley McLaughlin, @edibleash

Ashley McLaughlin, the Instagrammer behind @edibleash, is an author, photographer, and blogger at Edible Perspective, which features healthy recipes and even more incredible food photography. Falafel Veggie Burgers? Lemon Vanilla Rice Pudding? Carrot Fries? The healthy eating inspiration is never-ending in her Instagram feed.

Brittany Mullins, @eatingbirdfood

Brittany Mullins is a health coach, personal trainer, and blogger, who loves food, fitness, and fashion. Her Instagram feed is mainly images of healthy eats, but she also includes frequent photos of her sweat sessions, daily outfits, and various life adventures and indulgences. Follow her for a well-balanced approach to both healthy eating and life.

Angela Liddon, @ohsheglows

Creator of the popular vegan recipe blog, Oh She Glows, Angela says she's "veggie obsessed," so her Instagram photos are always packed with vibrant, fresh produce. Even if you don't follow a vegan diet, her photos and recipes are guaranteed to inspire you to eat more healthfully.

The Texas Paleo Couple, @texaspaleocouple

This young couple from Houston, Texas, makes living a Paleo lifestyle look totally doable and incredibly delicious. The photos in their Instagram feed feature simple, healthy meals that just about anyone can re-create at home. You'll be inspired by these appetizing photos even if you don't follow a Paleo diet!

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