These weird gizmos aim to tell you everything you want to know--and even a few things you don't--about your food.
Credit: SCiO

Could the days of checking nutrition labels to learn more about food become a thing of the past? Maybe, if a batch of new gizmos that want to improve your eating experience hit the market. These devices aim to provide everything you ever wanted to know about food, from the calorie count down to how well your meat is cooked, and more:

If you have celiac disease
A startup called 6SensorLabs says it is on its way to developing a device that will allow users to check how much gluten is actually in their food. Early next year, the founders–who also struggle with gluten and other food allergies–plan to unveil a portable sensor that will cost less than $150 and work in tandem with disposable units to test food, reports TechCrunch. A mobile app will also give users the ability to share their results, so you don't have to check the same foods over and over.

If you want to prevent food poisoning
There are about 48 million cases of foodborne illness every year, per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Currently in testing, PERES is a device that aims to change how often we get sick from food. The makers are trying to launch the first portable "electronic nose" to detect whether pork, beef, chicken, and fish is fresh or at risk for food poisoning, just by scanning food, reports USA Today. In theory, four different sensors would pick up data on temperature, humidity, amonia, and volatile organic compounds, which you would be able to access from an app.

If you're trying to lose weight
You may be able to find out the nutrients in your food more easily with SCiO, which is set to come out later this year, reports Wired. This portable device supposedly will tell you how much fat is lurking in your salad or sugar in your favorite fruit. Scanning the food gives you all the data on its chemical make-up, which is then delivered straight to your smartphone. Though the technology is predicted to have a hefty $250 price tag, the device has a few other handy uses. It supposedly can also test the ripeness of food, how well your plants are watered, and even authenticate medications.

If you want to stay hydrated
Vessyl is a high-tech (also spill proof) cup that relies on sensors to tell you exactly what you're drinking. As soon as you pour a beverage, the outside display lights up with the type of drink. It can also reveal the number of calories, sugar, fat, protein, and caffeine in your liquid. With the Pryme feature, your hydration levels are tracked in real time via a line down the center of the interface. So you'll know exactly when it might be a good time to grab some water. The first batches will start shipping early 2015 at a pre-order price of $99, reports CNET. Later the full price will run $200.

If you love trying new wines
The Vivino app, available to download now for free on most smartphones, will educate you about a glass of wine in seconds. All you have to do is snap a picture of the label on your bottle, reports Forbes. The app will instantly let you know the acidity, color, and body of your wine plus where it comes from and its ingredients. The app also lets users search for nearby wine sellers and connect with friends to see their ratings and reviews for particular wines. You don't even have to spend a cent to become the next big wine expert.