A device that turns veggies into pasta? A fork that makes broccoli more appetizing? Those are just two of the latest food gadgets you don't want to miss.
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I’m not only a food fanatic, I’m also a bit of a gadget fiend. When a new kitchen thingamabob hits the market, I’ve gotta try it! Here are a few items I’ve tried and loved, and others that have piqued my interest:

The veggies-to-pasta transformer

I’ve tried this As-Seen-On-TV item, and I promise you, the Veggetti ($11, amazon.com) really works! Twist a veggie (like zucchini) into the bladed section, as if you were sharpening a giant pencil. Noodle-like strands will emerge, and you’ll be on the road to a lightened-up pasta dish! Either toss with some real whole-wheat pasta, or just top it with your favorite sauce.

The frozen-dessert maker

From the makers of the Magic Bullet (which I am in love with!) comes the Dessert Bullet (which I also adore). We tested this out at the HG HQ—a.k.a. Hungryland—and it works beautifully, taking frozen foods and turning them into soft-serve-like treats. Frozen fruit is ideal for this, but you can even freeze up some regular Greek yogurt and put it through for DIY fro-yo.

Photo: Courtesy Dessert Bullet

The nose-tingling cutlery

You know those times when you know you should eat your broccoli, but would rather chow down on brownies? The AromaFork ($59, uncommongoods.com) can help you trick yourself into thinking you’re getting that decadent food. Flavor your foods without actually adding anything to what you’re eating—crazy! (Not so sure I actually wanna try this one, people!)

Photo: Courtesy Uncommon Goods

The calorie-counting plate

This thing is still in the prototype phase, but it basically sounds like my Holy Grail. It’s a covered plate device in development at GE that can actually assess and tally the calories contained in the food it senses. This is some serious science-time business! P.S. The scientist who developed it got the idea from his wife, who really wanted something to automatically track her calories rather than a conventional activity monitor—I can totally relate!

Photo: Courtesy GE

‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

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