13 Delicious Fall Pies

Try these five fabulous (and figure-friendly) pies for the holidays.

Try this recipe: Red Wine-Poached Pear Galette

Pears are great for fall, but these are brimming with flavor after being poached in red wine.

Ingredients: dry red wine, granulated sugar, whole star anise, Anjou pears, Whole-Wheat Piecrust Dough, All-purpose flour, egg, turbinado sugar, kosher salt, mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar

Calories: 264

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Gluten-Free Pecan-Pepita-Cranberry Tart

Greg DuPree

Try this recipe: Gluten-Free Pecan-Pepita-Cranberry Tart

Cranberry and pumpkin seeds just scream fall, which will make this tart a new star in your end-of-the-year dessert repertoire.

Ingredients: gluten-free flour blend, granulated sugar, kosher salt, cranberries, honey, pecans, pumpkin seeds, unsalted butter, eggs, vanilla extract

Calories: 286

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Matcha Custard Pie

Greg DuPree

Try this recipe: Matcha Custard Pie

Not only will this creamy green pie sate your matcha craving, but there's also the amazing pops of flavor from the pomegranate seeds.

Ingredients: Whole-Wheat Piecrust Dough, All-purpose flour, granulated sugar, cornstarch, matcha powder, kosher salt, whole milk, heavy cream, eggs, Greek yogurt, pomegranate arils

Calories: 287

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Vegan Gingered Apple Pie

Greg DuPree

Try this recipe: Vegan Gingered Apple Pie

No dairy, no problem! The spiced fruit filling gets fresh a pop of flavor from some freshly grated ginger.

Ingredients: Vegan Whole-Wheat Piecrust Dough, All-purpose flour, rolled oats, kosher salt, whole-wheat pastry flour, light brown sugar, cold vegan butter, Pink Lady apples, fresh ginger, cinnamon, Vanilla coconut milk

Calories: 232

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Chocolate-Butternut Squash Pie

Greg DuPree

Try this recipe: Chocolate-Butternut Squash Pie

This tasty pie may be made out of squash but evaporated milk keeps it creamy.

Ingredients: Whole-Wheat Piecrust Dough, All-purpose flour, butternut squash, evaporated milk, light brown sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract, kosher salt, eggs, bittersweet chocolate, Whipped cream, Chocolate shavings

Calories: 260

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Orange-Turmeric Sweet Potato Pie

Greg DuPree

Try this recipe: Orange-Turmeric Sweet Potato Pie

Classic sweet potato pie gets a vegan twist with this delicious recipe. Plus it packs a ton of great-for-you turmeric.

Ingredients: Vegan Whole-Wheat Piecrust Dough, All-purpose flour, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, light brown sugar, all-purpose flour, fresh turmeric, ground turmeric, orange zest, kosher salt, cinnamon, eggs, Orange peels

Calories: 204

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Whole-Wheat Pie Crust Dough

Greg DuPree

Try this recipe: Whole-Wheat Pie Crust Dough

Give all your pies a healthier base with this whole wheat crust.

Ingredients: whole-wheat pastry flour, all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, kosher salt, unsalted butter, apple cider vinegar

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Pies made perfect

Kate Sears

Happy holiday baking starts here: one goof-proof crust and five delicious (and shockingly light!) fillings.

Roasted Grape and Mascarpone Cheese Pie

This scrumptious version of cheese pie calls for creamy mascarpone cheese and is topped with naturally sweet roasted grapes, which contain heart-healthy phytochemicals (plant chemicals).

Try this recipe: Roasted Grape and Mascarpone Cheese Pie

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Classic Apple Pie

Kate Sears

With less than 300 calories per slice and loaded with fresh, tender slices of apple, this dessert is sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth, without expanding your waistline.

Try this recipe:Classic Apple Pie

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Sweet Potato Pie With Pumpkinseed Crunch

Kate Sears

Full of the antioxidant beta carotene and high in fiber, sweet potatoes are a nutrient-rich (and delicious) superstar all by themselves. In this dessert, a touch of maple syrup and a few spices turn this tuber into a tasty pie filling. Bonus: Pumpkinseeds are high in protein and a good source of iron and B vitamins.

Try this recipe:Sweet Potato Pie With Pumpkinseed Crunch

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Chocolate-Hazelnut Pie

Kate Sears

Bittersweet chocolate gives this pie its rich flavor—splurge on a high-quality variety with at least 60% cocoa to get an antioxidant boost. Slightly sweet and with a subtle crunch, toasted hazelnuts are the perfect pairing and contain a healthy dose of potassium and vitamin E.

Try this recipe:Chocolate-Hazelnut Pie

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Pear-Cranberry Pie With Granola

Kate Sears

You (and your heart!) will love this refreshing combo of sweet pears and tangy cranberries. Pears are a great source of dietary fiber, including the soluble fiber pectin, which helps control blood cholesterol. And don't forget the whole-grain oats in the topping—these have been found to significantly lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

Try this recipe:Pear-Cranberry Pie With Granola

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Perfect Pie Crust

Kate Sears

Are you pie-phobic? Nix your fear of holiday baking with our no-fail piecrust. The cream cheese in the dough lends it elasticity, which means it won’t crack and crumble when you roll it out. And the whole-wheat flour not only tastes great but also ups the good-for-you quotient. (You can use a store-bought crust, too.)

Pie Dough 101

• To make ahead of time: Form dough into a 5-inch disc; wrap well in plastic wrap. Dough can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Bring to room temperature before rolling out.

•To freeze: Wrap dough well in plastic wrap, and freeze up to 3 months. Defrost in the refrigerator 4 hours or overnight before using.

•To make a basic crust edge: Fold the overhanging dough under to form an edge; press the dough into the rim of the pie plate slightly.

•For store-bought crust: Look for one that has no trans fat. Roll out according to package directions, then follow our instructions for baking.

Try this recipe:Perfect Pie Crust

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