Eggs are indisputably delicious, but really, they can be a little bland without some seasoning.

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Most of the time, you need condiments to make eggs taste better, and this is where the discussion can get heated. It seems like everyone has one condiment they need on the table to truly and fully enjoy their eggs, and we’re not just talking salt and pepper. (Although they really can make all the difference.) This is the one condiment that can, without fail, add a kick to your scrambled eggs, a bit of heat to your omelet, a splash of something extra to that poached egg.

For a lot of people, that magic condiment is Sriracha, and for good reason. Sriracha is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to make eggs more delicious with a single drizzle. But Sriracha isn’t the only seasoning that can instantly improve your eggs. There are plenty of other condiments in the grocery store that will also transform your favorite egg dish into a fully fledged delicacy.

Even if you’re not willing to renounce the rooster, here are 13 condiments that go with eggs and will always make them taste better.


Sure, it’s simple, and kind of a no-brainer as far as condiments are concerned, but ketchup and eggs, especially omelets, are as classic as the American diner itself.

Hot mustard

If you like devilled eggs and you love Siracha, you’ll probably dig hot mustard on your eggs. The mustard will give the eggs the creamy texture and flavor of a good deviled egg, while the heat keeps you on your toes.


Pesto, that Italian mix of basil, cheese, garlic, and olive oil, can turn simple a simple scramble into a five-star omelet.

Old Bay

Although Old Bay is most commonly used for seasoning crabs and shrimp, the unique blend of spices—including salt, mustard, black pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes—make it an unlikely all-in-one condiment for eggs that can add spice and salt with one shake.

Soy sauce

If you’re looking to add a bit of that elusive, umami savoriness to your eggs, look no further than soy sauce. And if you needed any more convincing that this is a delicious pair, know that Momofuku serves soy sauce eggs.

Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a savory blend of herbs, often including thyme and oregano, that’s a classic addition to French-style omelets and adds a touch of class to even the simplest of egg dishes.

Truffle oil

It might be one of the most expensive condiments, but you only need a couple of drops of truffle oil to add an earthy dimension to otherwise ordinary eggs.

HP Sauce

HP Sauce is, arguably, the United Kingdom’s most beloved brown sauce, a classic condiment for the full English breakfast. The taste is unique, with dates and tamarind mixed with malt vinegar, but that’s what makes it so special.

Mango chutney

Another British-inspired condiment for eggs is mango chutney. It’s an unlikely pairing, but the sweetness and heat from the chutney goes well with savory eggs, especially when they’re hard-boiled.


Be it homemade pico de gallo or simply straight from a jar, salsa is a great addition to eggs if you’re looking for some additional heat and texture. Just think about how salsa completes a plate of huevos rancheros.


Harissa, a hot chilli paste, is often used in shakshuka, a Middle Eastern egg and tomato stew, but you don’t need a whole stew to make this condiment instantly improve your eggs.


If you can’t bear the thought of forgoing hot sauce on your eggs but want an alternative to Sriracha, tryTapatio. It’s a cult favorite hot sauce from California that’s not much more than red peppers and garlic, but somehow that’s more than enough to add a kick.

Chipotle Tabasco

For a smokier yet still spicy addition to eggs, dole out some Chipotle Tabasco. This style of Tabasco is a little richer than the original, so it pairs nicely with some creamy scrambled eggs.

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