Summer may be ending, but here are some reminders why fall is one of the greatest seasons.

Chloe Metzger
August 28, 2014

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and you may be little bummed that summer is unofficially over. Here's the good news: fall is coming.

In case months of swimming, tennis-playing, and general shorts-wearing has made you forget why fall is one of the greatest seasons, we've rounded up a few autumn favorites that are sure to leave you with the warm and fuzzies.

1. Crisp, outdoor workouts.

Is she on an endorphin high, or an I'm-not-sweating-through-my-shirt-anymore high? Either way, this is exercise bliss.

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 2. The long-awaited marathon season.


Another plus: The colder the weather, the less heat stress on your body. If you're going long this fall, check out Health’s marathon training program or half-marathon guide to rev up your run.


3. Foot. Ball. Season.


The games, the excitement, the tailgating! And if you're not into sports, get into the food.

(But maybe try one of these 6 healthier tailgating recipes, instead).


4. Raking leaves.


Okay, maybe this chore isn't the best part about fall, but it does burn over 200 calories in 50 minutes according to the National Institutes of Health (based on a 130-pound person). Talk about double-duty yard work.


5. Bonfires.


And everything roast-able and toast-able. (Like these Banana and Milk Chocolate S'mores, which clock in at 140 calories each.)


6. Cute animals in tiny costumes.


Photo: Photo:


Not only are they adorable, but looking at funny photos and videos can actually relieve stress. (Though some pets are less than amused.)


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7. Mornings spent snuggling under a cozy duvet in a chilly room.

Photo: Flickr, via manyfires

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8. All of the soft sweaters.

Photo: Flickr, via ladesign

Finally, you can wear your warmest, thickest knits without (much) sweating.


9. Re-watching Hocus Pocus for the billionth time.



10. One word: Pumpkins.

Photo: Flick, via galaxyplateau

Pumpkin everything is coming—picking, carving, noshing (and we won't pretend we're not counting down the days to fresh pumpkin pies)—which means, most importantly, the return of...




Yes, it's happening.


Don't fight it.


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