Hungry for fresh, reality-checked eating advice? These bloggers deliver.

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Getty ImagesWith endless Instagrams of dinner plates and tweets about fad diets, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the nutrition noise online. Relax, and bookmark these 10 smart reads about good food and healthy eating.

Best RD Blog
Nutrition Wow
"Healthy living, hold the boring": That's the motto of Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN. She delivers digestible advice (like tips for dropping weight without being calorie-obsessed) and wholesome recipes.
Words of Wisdom: "We all have an inner food ninja who can confidently make food decisions—all we need to do is slow down and listen."

Best Weight Loss Blog
Can You Stay for Dinner?
Andie Mitchell has lost (and kept off ) more than 100 pounds—while eating treats like chocolate pumpkin doughnuts. Come for the hearty recipes, stay for the deeply personal posts about her dieting struggles.
Words of Wisdom: "I swear by eating salad for lunch (almost) every day...I don't have to spend any energy deciding on a healthy lunch, or testing my willpower thinking about those amazing $2 slices of pizza on the corner."

Best Myth Buster
Nutrition Unplugged
Janet Helm, a registered dietitian and journalist, casts a critical eye on hot topics, from saturated fat (is it really OK?) to the rise of Frankenfoods. You'll find a lot on trendy eats (like kombucha) and diet hypes.
Words of Wisdom: Fresh isn't always best. Frozen produce can be just as nutritious: "If you tend to leave your fresh veggies a little too long in the crisper drawer, the nutrient content can plummet."

Best Vegan Blog
Sweet Potato Soul
Growing up as a picky eater, Jenné Claiborne hated most healthy foods, except for sweet potatoes. Now, as a vegan chef, she's widened her repertoire, offering recipes so indulgent she could make the most die-hard of carnivores go plant-based.
Words of Wisdom: "Even though I didn't give up animal products for my health or happiness, both have greatly improved."

Best Gluten-Free Blog
Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef
Shauna Ahern is the Web's expert on a no-gluten existence; her husband is the chef. You'll find a clear guide to baking, video tutorials and answers to questions like "Can you make homemade pasta without eggs?" (Yes!)
Words of Wisdom: "It's natural to focus first on what you can't eat... So much of the food you already love is naturally gluten-free. Focus on that."

Best Seasonal-Eating Blog
Sprouted Kitchen
Sara Forte does the cooking and blogging, while husband Hugh handles the photos of delicious creations like pumpkin bread with walnut-cinnamon swirl. Each recipe uses whole foods that are in season—a reminder that it doesn't take much to make fresh foods taste good.
Words of Wisdom: It's always easier to eat well when you have healthy foods on hand. Plan ahead and make a few things that will keep, like kale salad and granola.

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healthy food blog

Getty ImagesBest Paleo Blog
Nom Nom Paleo
Michelle Tam may be the only blogger with her own action figure, but don't let that fool you: She has a degree in nutrition and food science. The recipes aren't as heavy on the meat as you might expect (she used to be a vegetarian), and you'll even find Paleo takes on Chinese dishes.
Words of Wisdom: "I actually eat more vegetables than I did when I was a vegetarian—mostly because all that real estate in my stomach was taken up by pasta, bread, and baked treats."

Best Vegetarian Blog
Naturally Ella
When her dad had a heart attack her sophomore year of college, Erin Alderson (initials E.L.L.A.) swapped her fast-food diet for veggie fare and has been eating smart ever since. Her recipes are inspiring but practical— she always gives easier-to- find alternatives to unusual ingredients like amaranth.
Words of Wisdom: Keep whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices in your pantry and all you have to add is fresh produce for a complete meal.

Best Buffet of Topics
NPR's The Salt
Clicking on NPR's blog is like falling down the deepest Google rabbit hole ever—you can't stop reading their take on what's on your plate. Among the offerings: the science behind the ultimate chocolate chip cookie and what to do with weird farmers market vegetables.
Words of Wisdom: Save the breadbasket until after you've finished your meal to keep eating in check. "Bite into that bread before your main meal, and you'll spike your blood sugar and amp up your appetite."

Best for Parents
Real Mom Nutrition
From tricks for tackling finicky eaters to advice on navigating food allergies, busy mom-of-two Sally Kuzemchak, RD, has got it covered with a voice that's reassuring and relatable.
Words of Wisdom: "Our eating habits are works in progress, just like we are."

Top Tweeters
Five of our favorite feeds (and don't forget our contributing nutrition editor's handle, @cynthiasass!).

An NYU professor of nutrition, food studies and public health, Marion Nestle, PhD, shares the news you need to know—like what's really behind the rising cost of school lunches.

Las Vegas dietitian Andy Bellatti tweets about food politics, sustainability and—perhaps his favorite topic—deceptive marketing.

Follow sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, RD, for sneaky diet tips, links to important studies and even advice on how to find healthy food at gas stations.

Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma, Food Rules and Cooked, approaches eating as an ethical act, tweeting about our broken-down industrial food system as well as highlighting top nutrition news.

The Today show's resident health expert, Joy Bauer, RD, dishes out tips in keeping with her motto: "Life is hard; food should be easy."