What we eat can determine how we feel. But navigating through all of the mixed messages around diets and healthy eating is easier said than done. Learn more about the healthiest foods to eat, health-conscious recipes you can make at home, and how to create a diet that works for you.

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5 Foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis (and 5 That Might Help), According to Dietitians

Although you can’t cure arthritis with food, you can eat your way to less joint pain. So we tapped dietitians to share what the ideal arthritis diet might include. Stock up on these best foods for arthritis (and study up on the worst foods for arthritis, which you should avoid if you can).
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A Minneapolis Baker Is Giving Away 'Comfort Pies' to Console Her Grieving City

Each sweet potato pie comes with a poem that reads in part, “Remember to eat, pray and love as you partake in making a difference, for there is much to be proud of.”