Transform your abs with this 10-minute yoga workout from our resident yoga guru, Kristin McGee.

Credit: Jay Sullivan

Ill admit it: During the holidays I often end up picking family time over gym time, so I usually start the new year with a slightly softer tummy. My yoga mat is the first place I turn to get back on track. I love this sequence—Dog Split to Lizard Lunge to Twist to Downward Dog to Jump Lunge—because it works all the major muscles in the ab region plus packs in some cardio to burn off the extra fat on top.

Go through the sequence 3 to 5 times, 3 days a week, giving yourself a days break in between (for faster firming, you can add in 2 more days of doing the routine without the Jump Lunges). I do this series in the morning to boost my metabolism—and to remind myself that Im on my way back to a super-toned middle.

How to do it:


Jay Sullivan 1. Begin on hands and knees. Exhale, lifting knees, pushing hips toward the ceiling, and straightening arms and legs to come into Downward Dog. Inhale, lifting your right leg as high as you can while keeping it straight.


2. Exhale, stepping your right foot forward to the outside of your right hand, bending your right knee to come into Lizard Lunge.


3. Inhale, lifting your right hand out and up toward the ceiling; look up to the right.


4. Exhale as you lower your arm, returning your right hand to the floor; step back into Downward Dog. Repeat the first 4 steps on the left side.


5. Inhale, jumping right foot forward and between your hands to come into Lunge. Immediately jump left foot forward into Lunge while moving the right foot back; thats 1 rep. Continue for 10 reps, then return to Step 1 and repeat entire sequence.