Meet Yoga Joe, the genius new toy that may finally convince your guy to try a class.

Let’s face it, when you roll out your mat in yoga class, you can pretty much guarantee you'll be surrounded by mostly women.

Well, Dan Abramson would like to change all that by getting bench-pressing, tire-flipping types to give (inner) peace a chance. To help his mellow-can-be-manly movement, Abramson, a toy inventor from San Francisco, came up with an inspired idea: Yoga Joes, little green action figures (a riff on G.I. Joes, of course) performing popular yoga poses like Downward Facing Dog, Cobra, and, appropriately, Warrior II.

A tough sell? Not really. Abramson got his project funded on Kickstarter and raised more than $100,000. Now he hopes to have his corps of cut soldiers ready for the holiday season. They’re available for pre-order now ($25 a set, along with other fun gear, like a yoga mat bag that looks like a burrito ($35,

“It is still written off as a ‘chick sport' because women are the ones you see carrying the yoga mats,” Abramson told the Huffington Post. “But the truth is it’s fantastic for both men and women.”

Abramson is hardly alone in his “enlightened” thinking: Basketball legend LeBron James credits yoga for helping him avoid cramping during games, while the NBA world champion San Antonio Spurs have been conducting coordinated yoga sessions as a team for years, according to Smart guys.

Of course, you know that yoga offers toned muscles, a stronger core, and less stress, and you've likely already tried the But it's so good for you!-route with your guy. Our advice? Gift these as a way to further the conversation, and then make a date out of yoga. The couple that Ohms together, stays together!