Calm your mind with a short routine from Sjana Elise.


We’re all about finding ways to get calm in a pinch. From a quickie breathing exercise to a five-minute DIY facial, knowing what helps you get Zen when you’re feeling overwhelmed is critical for self care. Another option? This two-minute yoga flow for stress and anxiety.

The short and sweet practice comes from yogi influencer Sjana Elise. Packed with opportunities for deep breathing and restorative stretches, the flow is the perfect way to wind down when you feel like you need to press pause.

The sequence starts in a simple downward dog. While there, bend each knee slightly or rise up on the toes for an extra stretch to the hamstrings.

Next, raise your right leg high in the air to move through a three-legged dog, then place it down on the mat, in between your planted hands. Drop the back left heel down to the mat and pivot it 45 degrees. Release the hands from the floor and raise the upper body to arrive in a warrior I pose.

Once you’re standing tall, interlace your hands behind your back, momentarily leaning the torso backwards to achieve an easy backbend. Now move in the opposite direction, leaning the body all the way forward until your head and chest hang on the inside of your bent right knee. Feel the shoulders open up as you continue to stretch your arms above your head.

Release the arms as you rise up and bend back again for a reverse warrior pose, with the left hand resting on the left leg and the right hand reaching overhead and behind you. From here, return to center and move into an extended side angle pose, placing your right elbow on your right knee and your left arm reaching overhead and in front of you. Reverse your warrior once again, placing the left hand on the left leg and reaching the right arm overhead and behind you.

Sweep the arms back to the mat as you step the right leg back to meet the left and move to a high plank pose. Move through chaturanga, keeping your elbows close to your ribcage as you bend them to a 90-degree angle. Inhale as you move into upward facing dog, then exhale into downward facing dog. Breathe. You made it.

Repeat the entire sequence on the left side of the body, remembering to breathe deeply as you move through the motions. Doing so will help you calm your body from the inside out. Namaste!