At Health magazine's 2008 Here Comes the Sun yoga festival, yoga expert, Sara Ivanhoe led hundreds of magazine readers in group yoga. Her 45-minute "Yoga for a Beautiful You" routine focused on back bends and core-strengthening moves designed to improve posture, build confidence, and increase circulation throughout the body.

"On the most obvious physical level, one of the things we want to do is to work on people's posture—because so much of what translates as beauty is really that the body is open and confident and moving," says Ivanhoe. "It says in the yogic scriptures that we are already beautiful; we are already divine and perfect. But outside circumstances like life and stress beat us down. So instead of trying to 'get beautiful,' it's more about using yoga to help peel away all the things that have us feeling smushed and help our true selves emerge."

You'll leave this virtual class feeling cleansed, rejuvinated, and more prepared to face everyday stress with a smile.