Bloated? This Quick Yoga Flow Will Soothe Your Stomach

Forward bends, twists, and many other poses help stimulate the digestive tract and help keep you regular.

Is your stomach protesting your latest meal? Feeling a little too full for comfort? Help your stomach digest with this relaxing yoga flow with Yogi Cameron. Even if your bloating isn’t food-related, this laid-back video sequence can help with stress-related tummy troubles too.

WATCH THE VIDEO: 3 Stress-Busting Yoga Poses

Start with cobra pose, which stretches the abdominal muscles and puts only light pressure on the intestines. Hold cobra for 20 seconds, which stimulates digestion. Next, try a variation of child’s pose designed to soothe your insides: After sitting on your knees, make two fists and press them firmly into your abdomen before bending forward until your forehead touches the yoga mat. This pose may look silly, but can help reduce digestion issues by massaging your GI tract.

Knee to nose pose also works the digestive system by squeezing the intestines and abs. To sink deeper into a relaxed state, do a 20-second forward bend. Touching your toes while bending over your knees will provide a long, deep stretch through your entire back and neck. You can also ease gas out of your body through inverted poses, like a headstand. Beginners, don’t worry: any inverted pose, like dolphin pose, works too. Just be sure to try inversions out on an empty stomach.

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