This series of poses strengthens and tones the lower body.


If you’re pressed for time, but still want to get a challenging workout in, look no further. In this video, Health contributing editor Kristin McGee leads a 10-minute yoga workout that will get you sweating in no time. This series of poses strengthens and tones the lower body, and can help you prevent various aches and pains that come from weak glutes, quads, and core. Watch the video and follow along to get your heart rate up as you sculpt your butt, back, and thighs.

Don’t have time to watch? Read the full transcript:

Hi, I'm Kristin McGee. Today I’m going to take you through a butt, back, and thigh-scorching yoga workout that tones the entire backside. Plus, you’ll have a fun time doing it! Let’s get started and be sure to repeat all the poses you do on the right side on the left as well.

Swan Dive: Stand at the front of the mat with your feet together. Lift the arms up overhead and exhale as you swan dive forward over the legs.

Cat Cow: Inhale as you look forward to a flat back, then step your right foot back to a lunge and lower the knee to the floor. Bring the left knee back to meet the right so you're on all fours. Inhale as you arch the back and look up to the ceiling, then exhale as you round and hollow out the spine. Repeat this movement three times.

Nose-to-Knee (Right Side): Stay rounded in the back on all fours. Tuck the right knee in to meet the nose. Next, push the heel up to the ceiling, keeping the knee bent. Inhale as you bring the knee to the nose, then exhale as you straighten and press the leg back. Repeat this tuck and extension one more time. Next, crease the leg at the knee and reach the heel up to the ceiling. Pulse the foot up and down twenty times.

Bend and Extend (Right Side): Extend the lifted right leg out long behind you and then curl it crease at the knee. Repeat this extend-and-bend motion ten more times.

Pulse (Right Side): Now extend the right leg out long behind you, pointing the toes, and do 10 little pulses up. Next, bend the right knee and open it to the side. Bring the knee forward towards the shoulders and then back to the side of the body. Repeat this motion ten times. Now extend the leg straight out to the side and hold it for three breaths, strengthening the outer hip and butt. Float the right leg back down to the mat and rest.

Lunge (Right Side): Step your right foot forward and the left leg back to come into a lunge. Place the hands on the hips. Straighten the front leg, then bend it again. Inhale as you straighten the leg and exhale as you bend it. Repeat this two more times. Now, keep the front leg bent and bend the back knee, then extend it. Repeat this motion three times. Now, straighten the front leg and bend the back knee down toward the mat. Return to a lunge. Repeat this motion three more times.

Standing Split (Right Side): From your lunge, place the hands on the mat on either side of the front foot. Step onto the right foot and swing the left leg up in the air to come into a standing split. Lift the leg as high as you can and take any bend out of the knees. To release, step the left foot next to the right and fold over the legs.

Chair Pose: From a standing forward fold, bend the knees deeply and raise the arms overhead to come into a chair pose. Scoop in your abs and look up to the pressed palms. To release, swan dive down to fold forward over the legs.

First Position Bend and Extend: From a standing forward fold, turn the toes out into a ballet first position. Lightly place the fingertips on the mat in front of you. Lift to the balls of the feet and bend the knees so the body lowers toward the ground. Straighten the legs. Repeat this bend and stretch motion ten times. Now, turn the feet back to parallel and bend the knees deeply to come into a low squat. Come all the way down to lie on your back.

Bridge: Laying flat with your back pressed against the mat, push into your feet and lift your hips up off the ground, scooping the tailbone under you. Slowly lower the hips back down to the floor. Repeat.

Bridge Leg Lifts (Right Side): Stay in your bridge position with the hips lifted. Extend the right leg long up toward the ceiling. Lower the leg to 45 degrees, then extend it back up toward the ceiling. Repeat ten times. Next, keep the leg extended up toward the ceiling and reach the hips up toward the ceiling, then lower back down an inch. Repeat ten times. Finally, combine the two movements, so you lower the leg to 45 degrees, extend it up to the ceiling, and then lift the hips up and down. Repeat ten times