You two can bond and get fit at the same time with this fun partner workout.

By Kristine Thomason
Updated May 05, 2016
Credit: Brittany Gawley

Your days of mommy-and-me classes may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can't still get your sweat on with mom! As you well know, it’s crucial to stay active at every age—and what better way to keep moving and encourage mom to do the same than mother-daughter workouts? Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza teamed up with her own mother, Lucy, a senior Zumba instructor (in her 80s!), to put together this total-body partner routine. You and Mom not at the same fitness level? No worries: For each move, Ramona and Lucy suggest options with varying degrees of difficulty.

Warm up


To make your warm-up fun, crank the tunes and dance for 10 minutes. (Another sweet way to bond with mom: Create a workout playlist together with a mix of your fave pump-up songs.)

Improve your posture


Bunjee shoulder press (Lucy)
Step on an exercise band with your right foot, holding the other end in your right arm. Extend your arm diagonally up to the ceiling then lower back down. Focus on keeping the movement fluid and controlled. Repeat 10 times per side.

Reverse fly for postural muscles (Ramona)
Grab a set of 3-pound dumbells and hold one in each hand. Step your left leg in front of your body and hinge at the hips. Next, raise your arms to the sides. Pause here, then lower to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.

Build your butt and legs


Basic squat (Lucy)
Begin by standing next to a chair, arms crossed. Squat down to hover just above the seat. Pause in this position, then stand back up. Repeat 10 times.

Advanced single-leg squat (Ramona)
Make this move a bit more challenging by raising one leg in the air during your squat. As you come back up, press into the heel of your supporting foot. Repeat 10 times per leg.

Crank out some cardio


Get your heart-pumping mid-routine with 5 minutes of cardio. You could kickbox, jump rope, bust out jumping jacks, or going for jog together—it doesn't matter as long as you get that heart rate up!

Sculpt your core


Plank (Lucy)
Get into forearm plank position, with your feet and arms shoulder-width apart. Keep your abs engaged, tuck your toes, and squeeze your glutes. Hold for 1 minute.

Mountain climbers (Ramona)
Begin in push-up or plank position, with arms shoulder-width apart. While keeping your arms straight and core engaged, bring your right knee in toward your right elbow. Then quickly switch to the left side. Keep alternating between feet in a running motion for 1 minute.

Boost your balance


Find your favorite single-leg balance pose and hold for 1 minute.

Get flexible


Side bend (Lucy)
Begin by standing tall with your arms extended overhead. Then lean your body to the right until you feel a nice stretch. Pause here for a few counts, then switch to the left. Repeat 10 times per side.

Runners lunge (Ramona)
Start in a kneeling position, then lean forward to open up your hip flexors. Be sure to keep your hips square and facing forward. Hold for 30 seconds then repeat on opposite leg.