Updated December 08, 2016

Susan Schleck Kleiner

Need a feel-good story? Check out this article about Susan Kleiner on Huffington Post. After struggling with her weight her entire life, she hit age 40 with 100 extra pounds on her body.

But here's where it gets good. She stopped waiting for the magic moment when she'd be the right size and shape to run a 5K or take part in some other athletic endeavor. She started with the swim portion of a triathlon, then moved on to a full triathlon.

It was hard, both physically and emotionally. She worried about how she would look when she had to run on the beach in a bathing suit. She worried that the triathlon would close before she finished the race. But using the mantra "Float. Roll. Stroll. Finish," she did indeed finish, even though she came in last.

"My daughters were waiting for me and my youngest was so excited that she was telling everyone, 'My Mommy is a triathlete and she never gives up.' It was so important for them to see me not give up--that I could do something that was so hard for me, because I wanted them to know that we don’t have to win at everything. We just have to try our very best," Kleiner told HuffPost. (Are we the only ones getting teary?)

Since then she's completed two more triathlons.

If you've ever dreaded a gym class or worried about what you look like in a swimsuit—or even if you haven't—we think you will love this story too.

Check out her website,, to follow her journey.