Plus, some fresh music that will help you do just that.

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If you're like us, you love making playlists for working out. Now, music giant Billboard has dug deeper into the music you listen to during your sweat sessions. They teamed up with music streaming service Spotify to analyze its more than 40 million active users (and the more than 1.5 billion playlists they've created) in order to determine which songs people add to fitness playlists most often.

Billboard used the data to create activity-specific workout playlists for running, cycling, weightlifting, Crossfit, yoga, Tae Bo, and generally hitting the gym—and then they compiled the top 25 songs across the board into one mega motivational playlist. (Check it out in the nifty Spotify widget below.)

Music does more than pump you up for a workout: Several studies have shown that music reduces your perceived effort (meaning you'll feel less tired), plus it boosts your physical output so you'll actually push harder and longer, too. In another study, researchers found that matching the tempo of your training to the beat of music significantly boosts endurance and efficiency.

But there's a catch: You can become desensitized to the motivational qualities of your playlist if you keep it on repeat. Experts recommend mixing things up every few weeks to keep the magic going.

Ready to add some new tracks to your music library? See below for the top 25 tunes from Billboard and Spotify:

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