For the second time in less than a year, ClassPass is raising its prices for an Unlimited membership.

By Alison Mango
Updated March 06, 2021
Credit: Getty Images

For the second time in less than a year, ClassPass—a fitness company that offers a membership for unlimited classes at local studios in 30 cities nationwide—has increased its monthly dues for New York City metro area users.

The rate, which originally started at $99 per month and then went up to $125 last July, will now be $190 per month for existing users, and $200 per month for any new member—before tax. This marks a 100% price increase in just nine months for the unlimited membership plan.

In an email sent out to members, ClassPass explains the update: "In order to build a membership that’s best for our customers and for our business, we can no longer sustain a one-size-fits-all Unlimited membership at our current rates."

And New York isn't the only city that has been hit with an upsurge. Both Boston and Dallas saw increases in their price models earlier this year, signaling that more ClassPass price hikes may come soon for cities across the country.

In New York, ClassPass now offers a "Core" membership, which allows 10 classes per month at the $125 per month price point for current members, and $135 per month for new members. The company is still offering its "Base" membership plan, which is $75 per month for five classes. In all of these plans, users will still be allotted three visits to any one studio per month. Unlimited users are subject to a $15 fee if they cancel a class within the 12-hour window before its start time and a $20 fee if they miss the class. For Base and Core memberships, a cancellation will cost one class credit, and a missed class will cost a class credit and a $5 fee. But, rather than only allowing four active class reservations in an account at a time, ClassPass is now allowing you to go above that limit, making it easier for members to plan and get into classes that sell out quickly.

For the New York City metro area, users can enjoy one more billing cycle with their current membership plan. Starting with the June cycle, accounts that are currently on the Unlimited plan for $125 per month will automatically renew to the Core membership. If you want to continue with an Unlimited plan, you must opt-in by May 30. The changes are effectively immediately for any new member. As always, ClassPass is pretty lenient on membership changes and cancellations, and allows you to make changes at any time.

New Yorkers are disappointed by the change, arguing that in an already expensive city, ClassPass gave them the ability to stay healthy for a reasonable price. They took to social media to air their grievances.