By Health Editor
November 17, 2011

By Anna Monette Robert, FitSugar

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Before exercising, it's important that you do a five- or 10-minute cardio warmup to get blood flowing to your muscles and help prepare them for prolonged exertion. When it's cold outside, it can be even more difficult to warm up your muscles prior to exercising. Here are five warmup ideas that can be done indoors and with relatively little space. Wear a sweatshirt and an extra layer of sweatpants for additional insulation when completing these exercises.

Mountain climbers:
Increase the difficulty of a plank position by doing 30-60 seconds of mountain climbers, which are a quick way to warm up your whole body and increase your heart rate.

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If you are a runner, try completing tabletop lift to warm up your hamstrings and glute muscles.

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Stationary lunges:
Complete 10 stationary reverse lunges on each side to warm up your back, abs, and legs.

Hot rinse:
Without getting your hair wet, take a five-minute shower to help get your blood pumping.

Sun salutations:
Roll out the yoga mat, and complete five to 10 sun salutations to propagate heat, loosen joints, and warm up the entire body.