Best for: Burning fat superfast

Why its a fat blaster: Adding bursts of intensity to your walk burns more calories and helps you get fit faster. Plus, setting mini-goals keeps you motivated.

Total time: 40 minutes | Calories burned: 195

How to do it: Trim your 45-minute neighborhood walk to 40, says Jay Blahnik, a certified personal trainer in Laguna Beach, California, who has developed walking and running audio workouts for Nike. Instead of trying to walk the whole route at a faster pace, which can be tough, try this: Choose a marker for every 5 minutes of your walk (a red mailbox or the corner Starbucks, for example). As soon as you reach one of your eight markers, increase your pace for 1 minute. Soon youll be using the markers to gauge your progress—last week you passed the post office at 18 minutes, this time you whizzed by at 17. When youve cut 5 minutes, give yourself a reward (like a pedicure), then aim to trim even more minutes next time.

Do-it-better trick: Take smaller, quicker steps to increase your pace. Keep your stride smooth and efficient—dont tense up your hips and pelvis.