Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Killer Abs—and We're Inspired

She knows what works for her body.

Newly single Vanessa Hudgens isn’t in the mood to look back with Throwback Thursday; instead she’s all about #thirstythursday. In a video posted to Instagram, the Bad Boys For Life star shows off super strong muscles in a sports bra and matching leggings (from her Avia line, naturally), with her six-pack abs stealing the show.

Hudgens captioned the clip, ″Look how sweaty she is.... she must be #THIRSTYthursday bahahahahahaha."

Clearly, some seriously hard work goes into maintaining that core. It’s been reported that Hudgens is a fan of a workout studio called WundaBar, which has locations in New York and California and offers fitness classes based around machines called WundaFormers, which are similar to standard Pilates reformers. The studio claims their class "combines beautiful biomechanics and traditional Pilates with efficient movement, exceptional flow and a cardio-intense pace to give you the full body burn you’ve been looking for.”

Hudgens’ Instagram video doesn’t look like it was filmed at a WundaBar studio—we reckon it was behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot—but she definitely has a post-workout sweat on.

Last year, Hudgens told Access Hollywood that she’s always up for trying new things to stay fit, but that her three staples are SoulCycle, Pilates, and yoga. “I know what works for me, for my body,” she said.

“There are so many different types of fitness out there for everyone,” she added. “One thing will resonate with you, and then find a group of friends to do it with. That’s my favorite thing, getting my girlfriends together and then going and doing a class together. Then you have someone to hold you accountable, which I think is really important.”

The former High School Musical star also recommends putting some thought into your workout wardrobe. Switching out your years-old gym T-shirt won’t get you a six-pack, but it might just help you get in the zone and push yourself that bit extra.

“It’s so amazing when you put on fitness clothes and you actually feel good before the workout,” Hudgens told Access Hollywood. “You go into [it] with confidence and an extra boost in your step.”

Mindset is another big factor. Whatever type of fitness you enjoy and whatever your goals are (besides those #thirstythursday abs), Hudgens’ message is simple: “Just enjoy it. It can be a fun thing.”

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