By Sara Ivanhoe
Updated March 08, 2021

There is something special about doing yoga away from home. Far away from the stacks of bills and piles of laundry, you can shed your day-to-day worries and enter a place of peace. It helps when that place is in beautiful Zihuatenejo, Mexico.

I was lucky enough to travel with my family to Mexico over the holidays. Rather than spend a lot of money on presents that no one needed, we decided to travel together, as sort of a gift to one another, a gift of time spent together. There, the blazing sun warms your body all the way through to the bones, and this heat makes it a perfect climate for yoga.

I did my own practice for much of my stay there, but at one point I did take the long 100-yard walk from my room at Casa Iguana down to a yoga studio overlooking the beach. It's owned by Paty, an attractive local yogini, who runs a delicious restaurant on the sandy beach. If you ever make it there, make sure to try the freshly picked coconut—it's super hydrating and full of electrolytes. Then wander upstairs to Paty's beautiful open-air yoga studio.

The space is clean with brightly colored mats and blocks that embody the celebratory feeling of Mexico. It is a joy to practice while watching the waves crashing on the shore, and it is pure bliss to take a well-earned savasana while listening to the rumble of the ocean. If you are yearning to get away during these cold months, Zihua—as the locals call it—is an accessible and affordable vacation sure to provide you with warming memories that last long after you've left paradise.

If you can't hop on a plane, there are plenty of ways to take a short vacation—even if you never leave home. My new DVD, On the Edge, is all about channeling the spirit of the Bahamas. And getting away is easy if you turn off your phone, unplug your computer, and turn on some relaxing music. Sit quietly by yourself—even if it's only for a half hour—and let the day's stress seep out of your body.

Or, weather permitting, try practicing yoga outside—just be sure to bundle up! You'll find that adding a little fresh air to your usual yoga practice can transport you in a matter of minutes.