Lower your odds of pulling a muscle.

August 29, 2016

Before takeoff, do you find yourself struggling to hoist your carry-on into the overhead bin? Lower your odds of pulling a muscle on your flight with this 5-minute upper body workout you can do in any standard hotel room. To prove it, we headed to AKA Sutton Place to try it out. The moves will help strengthen and tone your upper body and help protect your back. Watch the video and follow our fitness expert Lauren Williams through this quick, do-anywhere workout.

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Don’t have time to watch? Read the full transcript:

I know so many people who strain muscles putting their luggage into the overhead bin, but that does not have to be you. Here’s a 5-minute workout for your upper body. Grab any weights available to you in your hotel room—if you don’t have weights use your luggage, or water bottles. Let's get started.

Alternating Overhead Press: Grab your weights. Keeping both weights at shoulder height, press one arm overhead at a time. Repeat this on each side for 30 seconds.

Alternating Front Raises: With weights in each hand and your arms in front of your thighs, raise your arms to shoulder height, alternating one at a time. Repeat this for 30 seconds.

Lunge & Press: Start with your arms bent in a 45-degree angle, weights in hand and just above your shoulder. Press both arms up, keeping them overhead. From here, lunge forward with your left foot and then come back to standing, bring both arms back to a 45-degree angle. Repeat this movement, alternating legs for 30 seconds.

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Deadlift & Press: Start with your feet underneath your hips, and arms to your sides. Hinge forward at the waist, keeping your weights right in front of you. Come up to a standing position, and then press both arms overhead. Bring your arms back down and repeat this movement for 30 seconds.

Halo: You only need one weight for this. Place each hand at the end of the weight, keeping the weight right under the chin. Move the weight around the back of your head in a 360-motion, back to the starting position. Alternate directions, and repeat this for 30 seconds.

Grab a quick sip of water and repeat the same sequence.