Are you training for a 5K race? Clock those 3.1 miles in no time with this 28-day plan that involves a combination of running, walking, and strength-training.

By Lindsey Murray
October 18, 2016
Getty Images

While 3.1 miles may not seem like that long of a trek, runners can attest that building up to a 5K race is an accomplishment in itself. Train too hard, and you could up your risk of injury; but a too-long plan can feel like you’ll never make it to the finish line.

If you’ve been looking to hit the pavement to run a 5K, we’ve got you covered. This training plan will help you master 3.1 miles in just four weeks' time through a combination of running, walking, and strength-training. Plus, with every step you take, you'll be working to reduce your risk of heart disease, boost your mood, eliminate stress, and build lean muscle—especially in your lower body and core. So whether you're training for an upcoming Turkey Trot or Color Run, follow this 28-day guide to lace up your sneakers and get going.

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Start training for a 5K race with this 4-week plan: