Tracy Anderson's Top Exercises for Flatter Abs and a Stronger Core

Tracy Anderson has whipped and whittled many a middle, and now it's your turn.

Cliff Watts

This seven-move series, created exclusively for Health readers by Tracy, is part of our 30-Day Core Challenge: Transform Your Butt, Back & Abs. It promises to do wonders for your waistline just in time for summer. Work your way through the circuit, performing all the moves on your left side first, then repeating them on the right. Do 30 reps per side six times a week for flatter abs and a stronger core in only one month.

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Sit-up and split

Cliff Watts

Lie faceup with legs extended straight out in a wide split, hands lightly behind head for support (A). Pull legs up and in to touch as you crunch torso up (B). Continue crunching up to sitting as you lower legs to the floor and reach left hand across body toward right little toe (C). Lower down to start and repeat.

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Knee-pull crunch

Cliff Watts

Lie faceup with hands lightly behind head and legs extended diagonally to the left, right ankle over left (A). Crunch up as you uncross legs and pull knees in toward chest (B). Extend legs diagonally to the right while crossing left ankle over right (C). Continue alternating left and right.

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Cross & kick

Cliff Watts

Lie faceup with right leg extended and left ankle tucked under right knee; place right hand on left foot and left hand lightly behind head (A). Crunch up, twisting from waist; bend and lift right leg (B) and bring it over to left side (C). Reverse motion to return to start and repeat.

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Cross-leg crunch

Cliff Watts

Lie faceup with left foot on the floor and turned out slightly. Bend right leg, crossing right foot over left knee; place right hand lightly behind head and left hand on left shin (A). Crunch up, reaching right hand through legs (B). Lower down to "A" and repeat.

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Cross-leg reach

Cliff Watts

Lie faceup with legs extended straight out and hands lightly behind head (A). Crunch up to sitting as you cross left knee over right (B), then rotate torso so right elbow reaches toward left ankle, left arm reaching back (C). Return to start and repeat.

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Twisting kick

Cliff Watts

Lie on left side with legs bent, soles facing back, bottom arm supporting body up in a slight crunch. Reach right leg behind you, keeping knee bent and allowing a gentle arch in back (A). Rotate torso to the right, coming to center as you extend right leg up (B). Reverse motion to return to "A" and repeat. Bonus: This move works your booty, too!

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Running-split crunch

Cliff Watts

Lie on right side, hips stacked and legs bent at 90 degrees. Place hands lightly behind head, bottom arm supporting body up in a slight crunch. Pull left knee in toward chest (A), then extend left leg straight back behind you as you extend right leg forward (B). Pull legs back in and repeat.

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