Grab a chair and knock out a quick workout while you're at work.


Ready to get to work—in more ways than one? With a little help from Tracy Anderson herself, we now know how to bring her method to the office. All you need is a chair and a few minutes to perform the workout routine she demonstrates in the video above. Want more detail about each of the five moves? Scroll down for a breakdown of each exercise.

Standing Back Kick

Start standing behind a chair with your hands resting on the back of it, and your right foot on the seat. Lift your right foot up and with knee bent, rotate your leg to the right, then extend the leg behind you as your chest comes down toward the back of the chair.

Deep Bend & Side Kick

With your hands still on the back of the chair, step to the right of it. With your feet together, squat as low as you can go and stand up. Then step your right foot across your body, and standing on your right leg, extend your left leg in a side kick.

Side & Upside Down Kick

Lie across the seat of the chair on your right side, with your right hip and thigh resting on the seat, your right hand on the floor, and your left hand holding onto the back of the chair. Both knees should be bent. Lift your left leg into the air and extend it. Then place your left foot on the floor and bring your left hand down to the floor as well, so it’s shoulder distance from your right hand, and extend your right leg into the air.

Standing Knee Pull

To start, stand to the left side of the chair, rest your right forearm arm on its back, and place the fingertips of your left hand on the seat. With a flat back, lift your left knee to 90 degrees, keeping your knee bent. Now extend your left leg behind you and return it to the starting position—that’s one rep.

Ballet Stretch & Plié

Rest your right ankle on the back of the chair and lean forward to touch your toes with your right hand. Then bring your right leg down into a plié squat, with toes pointed out and both hands resting on the back of the chair.

Do 30 reps of each move, then repeat the series with the other leg.