Look better in the buff! These all-over toning moves will help you love the skin you’re in.

By Tracy Anderson
September 15, 2017
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The key to feeling amazing without a stitch on? Being comfortable in your frame. This slimming series does just that, upping your mind-body connection, getting you moving more dynamically, and fostering self-confidence (like all exercise!). Do 30 reps of each move in the series on one side, then repeat the sequence on the other side. Don't forget your 30 to 60 minutes of cardio six times a week.

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Tom Corbett

1. Step Coupé to Single-Leg Plank

Stand with right leg slightly in front of left. Bend knees, reaching left palm to floor, right hand resting on hip. Lift left foot, rotating leg slightly so inner lower leg is tucked behind right leg ( A). Step left foot back, followed by right, to come into a plank ( B). Lift right leg, opening it out on a diagonal ( C). Step feet back in and rise to return to “A.”

Tom Corbett

2. Wide Stretch to Jazz Split

Start in a standing straddle; lower torso, placing left forearm and right hand on floor (A). Keeping left forearm on floor, bend left knee to kneeling, coming onto left hip as you extend right leg straight out (B). Continue rolling over, carrying right leg to other side until right toes are touching floor. Place right hand down and lift hips, coming onto left toes as you extend left arm up (C). Sit down and roll back to start; repeat.

Tom Corbett

3. Sit Back Lift Extend

Start seated with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Bend right leg in front of you and left leg behind you. Walk hands forward and lower down, coming onto right forearm and left palm (A). Pressing into right forearm and left palm, lift up onto right knee as you extend and lift left leg out to the side; raise left arm straight up (B). Lower back to “A” and repeat.

Tom Corbett

4. Kneeling Swing-Around Arabesque

Start kneeling; lift left knee up so left leg forms the top part of a triangle, with left hand on waist and right arm extended on a diagonal toward knee (A). Lower to left knee, placing right forearm and left hand on floor as you extend right leg up and back (B). Return right knee to floor, then lift left knee to return to “A.”

Tom Corbett

5. Crossed Split Side Plank and Lift

Start in a plank with legs wide; swing left leg counterclockwise, rotating torso as you lift left arm up (A). Rotate back to wide plank and come down to left knee as you sweep right leg up so inner thigh is parallel to floor (B). Return to start and repeat.

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Tom Corbett