Score a firmer, rounder backside with these moves from Tracy Anderson.

Sure, a toned butt looks amazing in your cutoffs, but the benefits of a sculpted rear go way beyond the visual—like protecting your back, helping you run faster, and amping up your body’s overall power. That said, sitting at a desk for long hours each day can wreak havoc on those buns, leaving them weak and unable to fire properly. The good news: This strengthening series will bring those lazy glutes back to life, no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

Do 30 reps of each move in the series on one side, then repeat the sequence on the other side. Tracy also recommends 30 to 60 minutes of cardio six times a week.

Credit: Jeff Lipsky

Rolling Attitude and Kick

Start on all fours; lift right knee up and out to side until thigh is parallel to floor (A). Holding the position, lower leg so the right knee is facing down and is slightly in front of the left (B). Extend right leg straight back (C). Lower right leg, pulling right knee forward and coming back to “B.” Return to “A” and repeat.

Credit: Jeff Lipsky

Sitting Lunge and Arabesque

Start on your hands and knees; step right foot diagonally forward into a side lunge, placing right hand on right knee (A). Swing left knee in, rotating hip to come to sitting (B). Return to “A,” and then extend right leg back and up (C). Repeat.

Credit: Jeff Lipsky

Twisted Sit with Leg Lifts

Begin on all fours (A); twist at waist to sit on left hip (B), and then return to “A.” Keeping a slight bend in knee, lift left leg up (C). Lower left leg, crossing left knee behind right (D); lift left leg again, this time extending it straight up and out, as you bend arms and lower chest slightly (E). Return to “A” and repeat.

Credit: Jeff Lipsky

Knee Pull and Butt Squeeze

Start on all fours; bring left hand to hip and extend left leg back and up (A). Bend left knee, pulling it in toward chest (B). Extend left leg back out as you rotate torso to come into a tabletop bridge, with left foot and hand down (C). Rotate back to “A”; repeat.

Credit: Jeff Lipsky

Lunge Stand and Kick

From kneeling, place right hand down, left hand on left thigh and extend left leg straight back (A). Lower left leg, stepping it forward and lifting right knee to come into a deep lunge (B). Pull right leg forward, stepping right foot next to left to stand with both palms down (C). Reverse motion to return to “A” and repeat.

Credit: Jeff Lipsky

Butt Buster Plank with Alternating Leg Sweep

Kneel with your left forearm and right hand down; extend left leg straight out with toes on ground (A). Lift left leg up on a diagonal (B). Place left foot back down, and keeping arms in place, lift right leg up with a bend in knee (C). Lower back down to “A” and repeat.

Credit: Jeff Lipsky

Alternating Butt Lifts

Start on hands and knees; keeping a bend in knee, lift right leg up (A). Return to start, this time dropping left forearm down as you extend left leg up (B). Continue alternating.