Want to spice up your sex life? Try these different exercises from Tracy Anderson to increase your mobility and flexibility in the bedroom.

Updated March 09, 2021

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson knows exactly how to train clients to achieve their strongest, healthiest bodies yet. So it’s no surprise she teaches exercises that can help boost their sex lives too. Intrigued? In this video, Anderson shows us five moves that prepare your body to (comfortably) take on any position between the sheets.

Anderson makes her signature tweaks to standard exercises like bridges, planks, lunges, and crunches so they challenge your muscles even more, and improve flexibility. For example, by moving from a one-handed plank to a bridge press, you’ll work your arms, shoulders, core, glutes, and thighs with one single move. Boom.

Also involved in this better-sex routine? Hip tilts and deep side lunges that loosen up the pelvis and sculpt the booty so you’re all the more prepared to work up a sweat in the buff. A quick interlude of ab-contracting back arches (think: cat and cow-like movements you may recognize from yoga class) will stretch the limbs and cinch the core so you feel longer and more limber.

Next, Anderson creatively combines a classic bridge pose with a reverse split that takes the legs up in the air while your back stays on the mat. From there, you’ll scissor-kick the legs, then return to start. Finally, the celebrity trainer ends the workout with a crossed leg split stretch for one final flexibility challenge.

Want in? Simply follow along as you watch the video above. You’ll do 30 reps of each move on one side, then repeat the series on the other side.