A stronger, slimmer core in 2018 starts here.

By Tracy Anderson
December 28, 2017

A new year means another opportunity to make strides toward finally getting the body you’ve always wanted. The top priority for most women: the belly. That little extra pudge seems to drive us all crazy. That’s why this month is all about moves that will help cinch the waist. Here’s to a better version of you (and those abs!) in 2018.

Plank Sous-Sous to Forward Step

Tom Corbett

Get into a plank with feet wide (A), then cross right foot over left (B). Return to “A,” then step right foot under left leg, placing it slightly in front of left foot; rotate torso as left arm extends up (C). Return to “A” and repeat.

Arabesque Sous-Sous Plank/Attitude Combo

Tom Corbett

Start on hands and knees; place left forearm down and extend right leg out to side (A). Pull right leg in, then extend it up and back (B). Lower right leg as you extend left leg straight back; cross left leg over right (C). Return to “A” and repeat.

Hydrant Side Kick/Toe Tap Combo

Tom Corbett

Start kneeling. Place left hand on hip, then lower right hand to floor and lift left knee so thigh is parallel with floor (A). Extend leg out and up (B). Swing left leg back behind right, tapping toes to floor (C). Extend left leg back out, then return to “A.” Repeat.

Open Diagonal to Plank Extend Side

Tom Corbett

Start on hands and knees. Lower down to left forearm and extend right leg back behind you (A). Extend left leg back on a slight diagonal (B). Return left knee to floor, then lift and extend right leg straight out to the side (C). Return to “A” and repeat.

Flexed Coupé Swing to Plank Arabesque

Tom Corbett

Start kneeling with left forearm on floor. Bring heels together, then open right leg out so thigh is parallel with floor (A). Push into left foot and extend right leg straight up (B). Return to “A” and repeat.