While this clip proves that Belle's burly suitor really wasn't lying about his muscles, his form could definitely use some work. Here's what you can learn from this viral video.


If you've seen Beauty and the Beast, you may remember Belle's conceited suitor, Gaston. But judging from the character's latest viral video, it seems like he wasn't only boasting about one thing: Gaston really does have biceps to spare.

The burly guy was recently challenged to a push-up contest by a tourist visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. "Do you think you are stronger than me?" he taunts the challenger in the video, which has racked up nearly 3 million views on YouTube since being uploaded on January 2. (And, for the record, this isn't Gaston's first shot at Internet fame. Last month, the same character at the Florida theme park was told off by a little girl who wasn't too fond of his trash talk about the Beast.)

According to the crowd, Gaston's muscles won. He knocks out reps with impressive speed and and starts doing one-handed push-ups halfway through, daring to ask his challenger if he needs a hand. While it looks like all those eggs Gaston eats to help him "get large" are paying off, he could stand to lower himself a bit closer to the ground.

If watching this fitness face-off inspired you to do some push-ups, then check out this video to learn How to Do the Perfect Push-Up. When done properly, this move can work your arms, chest, shoulders, and core.