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Go ahead, have all the seconds you want this Turkey Day. This workout's here to help you get back on track.

Jennifer Cohen
November 24, 2015

Well, it happened. You blinked, and here we are now just a few days away from Thanksgiving. It won't be long before we’re sitting down with our loved ones, stuffing our faces with all of our favorite comfort foods, and then passing out on the couch. There should be no guilt about this yearly tradition, but let's face it, you're going to need to recover from this come Friday.

No worries, we’ve got you covered with the perfect post-Thanksgiving workout. This routine will help make up for those double servings of mashed potatoes and pie, and it's also been designed to beat that post-splurge sluggishness.

Since Turkey Day falls on the 26th of the month this year, I decided to have some fun with that number. You'll repeat each move in the circuit 26 times. Get ready to work!

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26 Push-ups

Start in a plank position with your hands just underneath your shoulders, and feet together. Keep your core tight and your body in a straight line as you lower down towards the ground until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Go as low as you can (ideally until your chest touches the floor) and then press back up to starting position.

Tip: You can slightly lower the intensity by walking your feet apart. Lower the intensity even more by placing your knees on the ground.

26 Squats with overhead press

Grab 2 medium-weight dumbbells and hold them next to your ears with your elbows bent. Stand with your chest out, shoulders back and feet slightly wider than shoulder-width with your toes flared out. From here, squat down until you are below parallel and stand back up as you press the dumbbells up overhead until your arms are straight. Release your arms back down and repeat.

Photo: Jennifer Cohen

26 Knees-to-elbows

Start in a plank position with your hands just underneath your shoulders, and feet together. Keep your core tight and your body in a straight line as you lift your right fit and bring your right knee to your right elbow. Release your foot back to starting position and repeat on the left side.

Photo: Jennifer Cohen

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26 Dumbbell sit-ups

Grab a medium-weight dumbbell and lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Hold the dumbbell over your chest and using your core, sit up while moving the dumbbell up over your head.  Slowly release back down to the floor in a controlled movement and repeat.

Photo: Jennifer Cohen

26 Burpees

Stand with your chest out, shoulders back, and feet shoulder-width apart. From here, place your hands on the ground just outside of your feet and squat down. Jump or step your feet back into a plank position and perform 1 push-up. Finally, jump or step your feet back to your hands and jump straight up in the air as high as you can.

Tip: You'll want to break these up into groups of 5-8. Do 5-8 reps, take 30 seconds rest and repeat until you've completed all 26 reps.

Photo: Jennifer Cohen

26 Russian twists

Grab a medium-weight dumbbell and sit with your heels on the floor and knees bent. Hold the dumbbell out just in front of your chest and lean back slightly. From here, twist your torso and bring the dumbbell over to the left side of your hips and then over to the right side of your hips. Repeat until all reps are completed.

Tip: You can make this more difficult by lifting your heels off the ground entirely.

Photo: Jennifer Cohen

Now, rest for 1 minute, and then repeat the full circuit one more time. Ready, set, go!

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