Looking for some new fitspiration? Chicago-based couple Mike and Lex Sawtelle love working out together—and aren’t afraid to get their precious pup Wrigley in on the act.

By Lindsey Murray
July 01, 2015

Looking for some new fitspiration, stat? Look to the Chicago-based couple Mike and Lex Sawtelle, who love working out together almost as much as they love each other—and aren’t afraid to get their precious pup Wrigley in on the act.

The buff duo are behind a popular Instagram account where they post crazy 15-second fitness stunts they've performed. Some of the most impressive include a family-style push-up in which Mike uses Lex and Wrigley as resistance along with a clip of Mike pulling up Lex up to the roof of their house using an ax.

Mike, 29, who owns a pest control business, recently told the Daily Mail: "They say the couple who sweat together stay together. There's couples more ripped than us but we're unique in that we are a little creative—we have fun, chuck in a song and a fluffy dog."

And while you might want to think twice before attempting some of their more advanced moves—"for ages we crashed and burned," the very-ripped Mike admitted to the Daily Mail—don't worry about the safety of the Sawtelles' canine assistant. Said Mike: "Wrigley's biggest fear in life is being left out and he wants to be involved in everything."
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