Try this quick, creative workout to lift and tone your derriere. No squats, no lunges, but you'll definitely still feel the burn!

Summer is almost here so it’s time to break out the bikini—maybe even one with tiny, Brazilian-cut bottoms! Not quite ready to show off your booty? Don't worry: It only takes 10 minutes a day to get it beach ready. Try this quick, creative butt workout to lift and tone your derriere. No squats, no lunges, but you’ll definitely still feel the burn!

1. Diagonal donkey kicks
This variation on regular donkey kicks is more intense and works your outer thighs, hips, and glutes. Get into a tabletop position with your hands directly beneath your shoulders and your back flat. From here, kick your right leg behind you at a diagonal, pushing your heel up toward the ceiling and away from your body. Once you've reached a full extension, bring your leg out to the side in a swooping motion, keeping your leg parallel to the ground. From here, rotate back to the diagonal stance. Remember to keep your abs engaged! Do 20 to 25 reps, then switch legs. Do 3 sets total. Make it harder by wearing ankle weights.


2. Swiss ball Supermans
Bend over a Swiss ball so that your stomach is resting on the ball and your hands and feet are touching the ground. Using your hands for balance, engage your glutes and lift your feet off the ground to come into a modified Superman. Hold for 3 counts, and lower back down to the ground. Do 3 sets of 10.


3. Banded tabletop kicks
Get into a tabletop position. Hold one end of a resistance band with handles in each hand. Place the other handle of the band around the bottom of your right foot. Keeping your back straight, kick your right leg back behind you. Next, bring your knee back in toward your chest without letting it touch the ground. Repeat for 20 reps on your right leg, and then switch to your left. Do 3 sets.


4. Glute blaster with band
Lie on your back with your knees bent. Extend one leg up into the air, and loop a resistance band around the bottom of that foot. Keeping the band taut, squeeze your glutes and push yourself up into a bridge, raising your hips up off the ground. Hold for a count, and lower back down. Repeat for 20 reps, then switch legs. Do 3 sets.


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Jennifer Cohen is a leading fitness authority, TV personality, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. With her signature, straight-talking approach to wellness, Jennifer was the featured trainer on The CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, mentoring the contestants’ to lose hundreds of pounds before their big day, and she appears regularly on NBC’s Today Show, Extra, The Doctors and Good Morning America. Connect with Jennifer on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and on Pinterest.