The Gym-Free Interval Workout

Getty Images No time to rush to the gym for your daily workout? We've got you covered. From fab abs to thighs of steel, these easy to try-at-home exercises will have you looking and feeling great. This fun, 20-minute, equipment-free interval workout was created exclusively for Health by Crunch Gyms regional group fitness director, Marc Santa Maria.

Hop from leg to leg and then hold your jump on the third hop: Hop, hop, and hold; hop, hop, and hold. Continue for one minute. After a 30-second break, repeat two more times.

Power push-ups
Start standing, bend at the waist, and put your hands flat on the floor. Walk your hands out to regular push-up position, do the push-up and walk your hands back to your feet. Stand back up. Repeat 10 times.

Find a raised surface like a bench or stairs and count how many times you can step up and down in one minute. Be sure to alternate which foot steps up first. Repeat for a total of three sets, and try to beat your number of steps each time.

Touch & squeezes
Get in push-up position. Bring your right knee up to touch your right elbow, and squeeze your abs in. Hold for a few seconds and do the other side. Repeat each side 10 times.

Chorus line
Stand on one leg, raise the other leg, and bend at the knee, making the thigh parallel to the floor. Straighten the raised leg and hold. Repeat 10 times, making sure to point those toes. Then do the other side. For more stability, put one hand on a wall.

Dip baby dip
Sit on the floor and place your palms down by your butt, with your fingers facing your butt and your feet out in front of you. Lift your body off the ground, keeping your knees bent and your arms close to your torso.

Lower your butt down to tap the floor by bending your elbows. Lift your butt off the ground again by straightening your elbows. Repeat 15 to 25 times.

Plank & groove
Come into a plank position (the "up" part of a push-up position, but with your forearms on the floor). Pull your abs in, and tap your toes side to side—first with the right, then with the left, coming back to tap at the center each time. Do it to the beat of your favorite song and repeat until the song is over.

Squat claps
Stand with your feet together. Hop your feet out wide and touch both hands to the ground in line with your feet. Jump up and bring your feet together and clap your hands two times. Repeat with consistent speed for three one-minute intervals.

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