With these seven key moves, you'll warm and prep your muscles, tendons, joints and fascia for your upcoming workout.
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The following moves come to you fromDailyBurn 365trainer Gregg Cook. To try his complete workouts, head to DailyBurn.com/365.

Ever launch into a workout prematurely, only to become hyper-aware of every…single…ache and pain in your body? (Slowly raises hand.) Because when time is short, it’s natural to want to jump right in and skip your warm-up. But don’t! Many studies show your strength, mobility and speed might suffer.

Enter: DailyBurn 365’s mobility guru Gregg Cook, and the eight-minute dynamic warm-up he lives by in preparation for every workout. These seven moves will keep you loose, mobile and ready to take on just about any sweat session, whether it’s True Beginner, Black Fire or just about anything in between.

According to Cook, his signature warm-up is a “gentle, joint-by-joint progression that’s great for anyone just getting up in the morning or someone’s who has been sitting at a desk all day.” In both situations, he explains, you’re left with tight, stiff joints that need dynamic stretching to relax a bit.

“With these seven key moves, you’ll warm and prep your muscles, tendons, joints and fascia for your upcoming workout, in addition to practicing fundamental movement patterns and increasing mobility within those patterns,” Cook says. So don’t expect to hold a quad stretch for minutes on end. In this style of warm-up, the goal is to “move in all planes of motion, with an emphasis on increased range of motion,” he says. Better mobility, better workout, better results, right?

Your 8-Minute Dynamic Warm-Up


1. Shoulder Rolls
Kick tension to the curb by rotating shoulders in big, circular motions; first forward, then back. Be sure to stand tall while keeping your upper body relaxed.


2. Chest Openers
Keep your core engaged and chest wide open as you counteract any hunching (like if you sit at a desk all day) with this stretch-strengthening combo move.


3. Lateral Reaches
This long reach, completed on each side, give you a deep stretch through the rib cage and down to the hip. Avoid collapsing on the downswing!


4. Standing Hip Rotations
Get your heart-rate and keep knees bent as you reach across your body, loosening your obliques while getting your heart rate up.


5. Sumo Squats
Activate your entire lower body with this wide-stance take on the traditional squat. Since you drop lower, it also requires you to work your core — and focus on your balance.


6. Runner’s Stretch
Getting deep into your hips — as well as your hamstrings — keeps the movement fluid. For a greater challenge, start with your back leg raised.


7. Mini Fencer to Crab Reach
The first part of this stretch focuses on activating your lower body — just make sure the activated knee is ahead of the toe. Then, reach under to engage your shoulders and lats, finishing the move with twist to open the chest.

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